Film School


What’s better than four hot Latin guys getting sensual in a room together? The answer is simple – nothing! A photography student ends up under the wing of an erotic cameraman, who shows this apprentice a thing or two about adult photography.After watching Ayun’s newest porn films, Edipo shares his opinions. Ayun realizes that Edipo would make a great performer., and is quick to find a way to convince him why he should perform in his next film.While on a phone call with a friend, Said is describing his new life as a porn star. When he sees a handsome hunk walk by, he decides to follow him, in hopes of practicing some of his professional skills.Edipo is approached by two sexy studs with a camera. Rob and Said find Edipo irresistable and invite him to join them on an arousing adventure. When Edipo asks what’s up with the camera, their answer is simple: “we are going to film.”

Studio: Bareback Network
Actors: Ayun, Edipo, Mateo, Rob Angel, Said