For You, I Will


A picture’s worth a thousand words, but what are thousands and thousands of pictures of your crush worth? To Wyatt Foster (Ryder Owen), they’re priceless. His admiration of Cory Potts (Dante Colle) grows by the day and so does his hope that one day they’ll be together. It seems Cory’s marriage is holding on by a thread, one Wyatt would be happy to snip, and then he observes Cory in the act, with a man (Tristan West)! Wyatt thought the idea of Cory being into guys was a pipe dream until he saw him taking pipe. Now, it could be real. Right?

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Dante Colle, Tristan West, Jay Tee, Roman Todd, Carter Woods, Theo Brady, Blain O’connor
Director: Michael Vegas, Siouxsie Q., Jessica Jasmin