Hidden Truths


OUR NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE You won’t find this one anywhere else.Everyone seeks truth in their lives. Some seek it from their friends. Some seek it from their lovers. Some seek it from strangers. And for some… the truth is overrated. Acclaimed director Alter Sin invites you on a sensuous journey to discover Hidden Truths. Chiseled foursome Pietro Duarte, Justin Jett, Bastian Karim, and Scott Carter headline this scintillating erotic bareback tale that unfolds – sometimes with uncomfortable raw emotion – between partners and pick-ups. Shot on location in Spain, bathed in natural light, crisp photography, and overflowing with passion and sweat, Hidden Truths is another stunning entry in the filmography of the award-winning Alter Sin.

Studio: Gay Angel Films
Actors: Bastian Karim, Justin Jett, Pietro Duarte, Scott Carter
Director: Alter Sin