Licking and Probing Mature Men


We live in a society that assumes that no-ones interested in sex after thirty, or indeed that there’s anyone alive who has interest in more mature guys. That, of course, is total hog-wash. The truth of the matter is that there’s more than enough action going on amongst this more experienced generation; and to prove the point the folks at Bareback Assault have gathered together a fine collection of brutes at the peak of their talents. Needless to say it’s no time at all before the likes of Max Cameron and Luca Bondi are Licking and Probing Mature Men to sweet ecstasy, rimming and fucking for all they’re worth. Cue a non-stop foray of wild, unbridled fornication that results in each one of these guys unleashing a furious wad of jizz!

Studio: Bareback Assault
Actors: Danny Torro, Fabio Stallone, Fostter Riviera, Joe Bexter, Jon Shield, Max Cameron, Petr Cisler, Sam Crockett, Vinnie Stefano, Zack Acland