Raw Business


Young men are constantly told that raw sex is something to be avoided, but it proves impossible to ask when you’re tempted by the collection of gorgeous beauties that’s assembled here. Guys like Hunter Nash, Cody Marsh, and Nick Jarett, who not only look like angels but who possess the kind of sexual libido that quite literally makes them devils in every sense, Absolutely guaranteed, you’re going to be tugging on your pleasure stick in no time, as one dick-hungry slut after the next gets down and dirty for their next sexual thrill. All of which is a prelude to the real point of the action, namely a heady splurge of spunk that gets shared liberally by each participant. In short, if that doesn’t satisfy you, then we doubt anything will.

Studio: Cum Freaks
Actors: Clay Costley, Cody Marsh, Hunter Nash, Nick Jarret, Sky Stevens, Taven Lewis, Ty Reyes, Xavier Nice