Raw Passion Vol. 4


We find Amone Bane and Tony Salas making out passionately on the bed in white bathrobes. Tony is quick to start reaching for Amone’s cock, which is already rock-hard. Tony leans forward and starts throating Amone’s dick. Buck Richards and Troy Hardt are making out on the bed in their underwear. Quickly, Buck takes control and pushes Troy down on the bed, mounting him and instructing him to ‘spank me’. Buck makes his way down Troy’s body to expose Troy’s massive, rock-hard cock. Brian Bonds and Lawson James are kissing as they explore each other’s muscular bodies. Lawson lifts his arm, and Brian helps himself to Lawson’s pit, licking and sniffing Lawson’s musk. Brian returns the favor. Brian kneels down, pulls off Lawson’s tight denim shorts, and gets to work sucking and throating Lawson’s hard cock. Bentley Layne and Ian King are horny and fuck bareback in Raw Passion Vol. 4

Studio: ChaosMen
Actors: Leon Foreman, Tony Salas, Jayden Woods, Lawson James, Troy Hardt, Amone Bane, Buck Richards, Brian Bonds