Stepbro’s Help


Luca Ambrose has got a problem: his boyfriend wants to have sex but it’s been so long since Luca has had sex. What if he’s bad at it? But Luca’s stepbrother, Carter Woods, is here to save the day: he can teach Luca! The question is, will Luca do everything necessary to learn? Cristiano catches his step-brother Scott Finn jerking off. But, when Cristiano suggests they jerk off together, Scott doesn’t know what to do; and things take a wild turn. Mick Marlo is stressed about his upcoming exams and thinks a massage from his stepbrother, Nico Coopa, will help him. But, oh no! It doesn’t help him at all. But fear not, Nico has another solution of what might work. Question is, how badly does Mick need this stress relief? What to do when you and your bud Andrew Miller needs to film some content, but your cameraman bails last minute? Fortunately for Josh Brady, his new step-bro Andrew Delta has a wide open afternoon. Will he rise to the challenge? Can he keep a secret? Will Andrew Miller and Josh Brady be able to keep their hands off of their cameraman? Obviously not. Andrew Delta tries to keep it professional but very quickly gives in to the gropes and advances, turning this scene from a duo to a taboo trio.

Studio: Next Door Studios
Actors: Andrew Delta, Andrew Miller, Carter Woods, Christiano, Josh Brady, Luca Ambrose, Mick Marlo, Nico Coopa, Scott Finn
Director: Big Mike, Walden Woods