The Recruit


Tegan Young (Jkab Ethan Dale) is an army recruiter who recruits Colin Dillard (Trevor Harris) to enlist. Colin is a homeless, gay, eighteen-year-old who needs a place to stay. Tegan brings Colin back to his house where he lives with a fellow soldier, Rudy Vaughn (Roman Todd). Rudy is unimpressed with Colin and hates how sensitive Colin is when he has never faced the true tragedy of combat. Tensions rise and so do the stakes in their relationships. Toby (Jack Bailey) has had enough of Uncle Carl’s (Dale Savage) bullshit. He consults his computer whiz roommate (Trevor Harris) to hack into Uncle Carl’s laptop and plant some incriminating items on the hard drive. When Toby and the roommate seduce Uncle Carl, Carl feels he’s won the lottery. Little does he know they are fucking up his life by planting evidence and swatting him.

Studio: Disruptive Films
Actors: Dale, Dale Savage, Jack Bailey, Roman Todd, Trevor Harris
Director: Walden Woods