Triple Whammy


Fans of three-way action will be seventh heaven, as the STAXUS boys abandon all thoughts of traditional one-on-one contact and concentrate on something a little more imaginative instead. All of which opens the door to the splendidly sordid delights of spit-roasting, daisy-chain fucking, double-penetration and whatever else cums to mind when there’s three hard cocks in the room rather than two. And with six cum-laden balls to empty instead of four, you can rest assured there’s a tsunami of pent-up spunk each and every fucking time!

Studio: Dirty Fuckers, Staxus

Actors: Carl Chater, Beno Eker, Ron Negba, Navon Raffi, Jake Stark, Liam Stone, Vittorio Vega, Alex Whale

Director: John Smith