Varsity Boys


Jordan Lake and Alfonso Osnaya are training for an upcoming wrestling match. It looks like Jordan keeps dominating and winning over Alfonso, so he decides to fully give in by losing his wrestling clothes and letting Jordan devour his hole! Grant and Quin play a game after an intense wrestling match — the loser has to take it up the ass. In the end, Grant can’t seem to beat Quin, but he doesn’t mind one bit and gladly holds up his end of the deal. Jake and Masyn throw each other around on the wrestling mat, learning all sorts of tricks and moves. But things get a little spicy when coach Jake notices Masyn’s hard-on. It doesn’t take long before the two hunks start going at it again, but this time they’re locked in for the long haul. Eric needs some help on the mat to better impress the coach. Luckily his teammate, Jay, is there to lend a helping hand. Things get a little wild when Eric notices Jay’s massive erection through his wrestling uniform.

Studio: Bareback Network
Actors: Alfonso Osnaya, Eric Charming, Grant Ducati, Jake Nicola, Jay Tee, Jordan Lake, Masyn Thorne, Quin Quire